Yes thats right…. Swim Camp 2020!!!!

Organisation has begun to ensure that we superceed all expectations with the next NASC On Tour Abroad trip

Sunday 25th – Saturday 31st October 2020


Two meetings with the same content are arranged for

Sunday 19th May 2019 6.30pm

Monday 20th May 2019 6.30pm

Both meetings will start at 6.30pm and last for roughly 30minutes where visit leaders will be available to be asked questions and go through the information on the website in more detail!



Spead the word! Deposits and applications forms are due by Sunday 9th June.




INFORMATION / APPLICATION FORM – 123_Swim Camp 2020 Application letter-3


MEDICAL CONSENT FORM – 122_Swim Camp 2020 Consent and Medical Application


N.B. All itinery and advertised dates are subject to change





We have used the company Sports Abroad for a number of years now with our previous trips to Spain. As a club a very close working partnership has been developed and this has led to loyalty discounts and further advice on opportunities as they have arisen. We will be using Sports Abroad to book the activities planned in the itinerary over in Fuerteventura.


NST are the travel booking company which we use for flights and trip insurance. They work with the airlines to ensure appropriate pricing and booking prior to departure and also provide additional support through the airports.


Sports Abroad have been working in partnership with the Oasis Papagayo Sports complex in Fuerteventura to try and create the perfect warm weather swimming training facility.

The facility is located in the beach resort of Corralejo in the north of the island. With sunshine all year round and everything located on-site and within walking distance, the Oasis Papagayo provides the very best environment for warm weather training.

The resort, which is just 1.5 km from Corralejo Beach, offers a 7 lane heated 50m pool with starting blocks, anti wave lane ropes, pace clocks and backstroke flags.  The swimming pool is part of a large sporting complex which includes; tennis courts, gym, sauna, bowling alley, spinning classes, aerobics, volleyball, bike hire and much more. There is also a supermarket, an a-la-carte restaurant, buffet restaurant and a sports bar on-site. Nearby, there are a number of shops, bars, restaurants and entertainment facilities in the Papagayo Commercial Centre and next door lies the Baku water park; the only water park on the island.

Teams will stay in one or two bedroom apartments with a living room, TV and private bathroom. Each apartment also has a small kitchen area with a fridge, hob, toaster, microwave, kettle and kitchen utensils.

The Oasis Papagayo provides teams with a perfect training environment and with plenty of options to keep athletes and staff entertained away from the pool.

We have provisionally booked with Sports Abroad:

  • 6 nights accommodation

  • FULL BOARD BUFFET MEALS (water included with meals)

  • Airport Transfers 10 x 2hr swim sessions using 3 lanes (including bottled water for all swim sessions)

  • Gym Hire

  • Surf School

  • Bowling

  • Day access to the water park

  • Water for each training session

  • Sports Abroad level 1 support and local assistance

  • Tax


The trip is currently scheduled with the following baseline itinerary. This is subject to change with activity availability and some activities may be weather or staff availability.









Depart From NLC

2 hour AM training session

2 hour AM training session

2 hour AM training session

2 hour AM training session

2 hour AM training session

Team meeting to discuss the week


Dryside conditioning session

Water Park

Dryside conditioning session


Dryside conditioning session


Orientation Evening

2 hour PM training session

2 hour PM training session

2 hour PM training session

2 hour PM training session

2 hour PM training session

Arrive back at NLC

Team meeting to discuss the week


Dryside conditioning session

Games Night


Quiz Night


We are now asking for a deposit for the trip for the amount of £300 by Sunday 9th June so we can confirm the booking and start to plan for the amount of interest we have received.

The deposit is to cover the reservation of the Hotel, Pool and Gym facilities while abroad.

Please make this payment by cheque (made payable to Northallerton ASC).

The deposit is non-refundable due to the booking nature of the trip.

At this stage flights and travel costs have not yet been finalized but will still bring the total amount payable to the final trip price of £950(will reduce with fundraising).

It is important to add that your application for the visit is going to be checked by the coaching team and by the committee to ensure that it is suitable for you ability and age. If we feel we need to speak to you more about your application then a member of the coaching team/committee will arrange a meeting with swimmers and parents.

This trip will be supported by Northallerton ASC. The funding for the trip will come from the members going on the trip.

The remaining balance will be due by the 31st July 2020 and will be available to pay in full (in advance of December 2019) or monthly deposits (£50 per month). All fees are made payable to ‘Northallerton ASC’ or standing order can be set up to our trip account to smoothen the process by speaking to our Treasurer.

Fundraising by the members going on the visit is expected. This additional funds will be utilized to bring down the £950 cost. This will be organized, delivered and managed by the visiting group. Only members of the visiting party who attend the various fundraising events will be eligible for a discounted price.


6 Adults comprising of 5 coaching staff and 1 chaperone.
Swimmers have to be in secondary school education by the time of travel and be of a suitable swimming standard to access the level and duration of training detailed above.  Discussions between the coaching team and parents of children may take place prior to deposits being taken. While away the clubs codes of conduct must be adhered to and a consistent high level demonstration of behavior must have been seen at club prior to the deposit being given.

This is a club training and social trip and is not a family holiday as Northallerton are ultimately responsible while we are away.


Greg Ient         07427789610

Sam Davison        07805113274


The committee of Northallerton Amateur Swimming Club has agreed this Code of Conduct and all members of the club (children and adults, swimmers and non-swimmers) are expected to abide by it.

The purpose of the Code is to outline the conduct expected from members of the club particularly at training sessions, but also when representing the club at swimming events or taking part in other events connected with the club, so that all members are enabled to participate in the sport with enjoyment and success.

Expected Conduct

In particular, it is expected that all club members shall

  • Comply with the codes, rules and laws within the guidelines set out by Swim England

  • Behave without discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, language, religion, birth or social status as set out in Swim England equal opportunities policy.

  • Respect the basic human rights, worth and dignity of each member.

  • Not encourage swimmers, volunteers, officials or parents to violate the rules of the club or the sport.

  • Observe the authority and the decisions of all officials.

  • Encourage all swimmers to obey the spirit of the rules and laws both in and out of the pool.

  • Treat other competitors and teams with respect, in victory and defeat.

Unacceptable Conduct

The coach (or other designated responsible adult) is responsible in the first instance for assessing the conduct of members in their charge and dealing with any unacceptable conduct in a reasonable and consistent manner.

If necessary, Section 6 of the Club Constitution outlines the club rules for handling unacceptable behaviour.

Expected Conduct for ‘Away Trips’

When members are involved in ‘away trips’ requiring group travel and/or group accommodation, then they are expected to comply with the following points:

Behaviour and Personal Conduct must at all times be of a high standard and reflect favourably on the sport, and the Club. Language in public or relevant group situations must always be appropriate and socially acceptable.

Consumption of Alcohol is totally forbidden for athletes under age as defined by UK law. Alcohol may only be consumed by others in moderation and at appropriate times and places so that performance as an athlete, coach, official or in any other club role is in no way impaired. Those who consume alcohol should be aware of the impact this may have on younger members.

Smoking is totally forbidden for athletes under age as defined by UK law. Others may only smoke at appropriate times and places, so as not to cause any inconvenience or offence to other members.

Personal Appearance shall be appropriate to the circumstances and as indicated by the Team Manager. Team kit and equipment shall be worn as directed by the Team Manager when competing and training, when assembling or travelling, at official team functions or on other occasions as notified.

Attendance at all activities is expected unless agreed by the Team Manager. Throughout the duration of the trip swimmers should inform staff of their whereabouts. Punctuality on all occasions is essential and any curfew must be observed.

Illegal and Performance Enhancing Drugs and Substances are strictly forbidden. Swimmers are expected to be aware of the current list of banned substances and particular care must be exercised if anyone is on medication prior to or during a meet.

Illegal Drugs and Substances: The use of these, even though they may not appear on the official banned list in respect of performance enhancing drugs, is nonetheless prohibited.

Accommodation: All members are expected to behave in a responsible and disciplined manner at all times on overnight stays, complying with reasonable instructions from the Team Manager or Coach on curfews, room sharing and expected behaviour. At no time may anyone extra be accommodated in an athlete’s room.

Medication: It is important that information on all medication being currently taken should be reported to the Team Manager who will report it to the relevant personnel. Allergies to any medication must be reported to the Team Manager.

Sanctions: Breaches of the Code of Conduct shall be dealt with in the first instance by the Team Manager or Coach. He/she shall report the incident to the Secretary of the club who shall take such further action as is deemed necessary.