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Complete Pack 2014


Kit List 

✔ Suitable nightwear
✔ Underwear (please note that for many activities, socks will need to cover your ankles)
✔ Trousers/leggings for activities (not jeans)
✔ Shorts (summer groups)
✔ 1 pair of trainers for activities
✔ 1 pair of shoes for watersports (preferably old trainers)
✔ Pair of dry shoes for evening activities
✔ Fleeces/sweatshirts for activities
✔ Long sleeved shirt/t-shirts (for activities where arms need to be covered)
✔ T-shirts
✔ Waterproof jacket/cagoule (and trousers if you have them)
✔ Warm anorak or similar (winter groups)
✔ Hat and gloves (winter groups)
✔ Baseball hat/sun hat (summer groups)
✔ 1 or 2 sets of clothes for the evening (and final night disco)
✔ One towel for showering
✔ One ‘old’ towel for wet activities ✔ Plastic drinks bottle
✔ Sunscreen (summer groups)
✔ Small rucksack/bag
✔ Labelled bin bag for wet and dirty clothing
✔ Washbag (including soap, shampoo and toothpaste)
✔ Sleeping bag/duvet and pillow (unless otherwise advised)
✔ Groups taking part in sports weekends such as netball, dance etc. should bring appropriate clothing/shoes for these activities





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