March Covid-19 Update

Dear Members,

Firstly, I’m sure it goes without saying that I hope this email finds you and your family well and that you are finding a way through this ever changing and unprecedented situation that we all now face.

After an emergency committee meeting last night, we wanted to update you on the current situation in regard to training, galas and subs.


Training was suspended earlier this week until further notice. We are taking advice from Swim England and liaising with the leisure centre. We will notify you when the situation changes.


The Moors league is suspended for the season and this weekend’s time trials have been cancelled. For anyone who paid with cheques, those cheques have not been paid in and will be destroyed. Anyone who paid BACS or cash will be refunded. The April Fools gala scheduled for the 28/29 March is also cancelled. We are waiting to be refunded by Richmond and Dales Swimming club and will pass the refunds onto you as soon as we can.

Fuerteventura Trip

For those going on the trip to Fuerteventura, this is still planned to go ahead at this stage and therefore monthly payments should continue to be made. The trip is fully insured, and further details will be sent out separately to those concerned.


None of us know what the next few months will hold or how long the circumstances that we are now in will last for. However, when we do return to some kind of normality, we want to ensure our swimming club is still here.

We took immediate steps last night to reduce outgoings and we understand we will not be charged rent for the pool until further notice. However, while this is our main outgoing, there are still fees we need to pay both monthly and annually, to keep the club functioning and viable. You will also know that a recent reduction in membership fees due to older members leaving for higher education, has meant a significant drop in income that has seen us forced to rely on our cash reserves.

However, we also understand the current situation means that many of us will now be facing financial uncertainty and that some people may already be feeling the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak on their income. We respect everyone’s personal situation is different, rapidly changing and that paying for training that isn’t happening may be a difficult pill to swallow.

With that in mind, its over to you. As a committee we believe the fairest way forward is to let you make your own decisions about subs, based on your own personal circumstances and have identified 3 options for you, as individuals and families to choose from.

  • Option 1. Continue to pay subs as normal. This would ensure the club will be in a position to return to business as usual when we return and would be able to cope with any reduction in membership.
  • Option 2. Change your standing order to pay a monthly retainer of around £10 per swimmer or more as you see fit. We hope this would allow us to cover monthly costs in the immediate short term and keep the club afloat.
  • Option 3. Cancel all standing orders now until further notice.

When considering what option you may be comfortable with, we want to reassure you that:

  • Your decision is completely confidential.
  • Regardless of what option you take, ALL current members will remain members during this period, as long as we are a viable club.
  • You may need to change which option you choose on a month to month basis.

***Please note, it will be members responsibility to review their own standing orders. We cannot change it from our end***

We will also continue to review developments on a month by month basis and inform you of any change in the club’s circumstances as soon as possible.

We hope you understand why we have made these suggestions. In the current climate there are no easy answers, so we felt it was only right to let you do what is right for you and your family.

Please get in touch if you have any questions. In the meantime, thank you for your continued support and we hope you all stay safe and well.