As swimmers start to train more, train harder and compete again; their bodies need the optimal chance to recover and prevent injury.
I have outlined some guidelines that we all need to try and meet to ensure that we provide the best opportunities for the swimmers.


Warm Up
  • Swimmers should arrive early to sessions (10mins) to complete a dry side warm up.
  • On Sundays for Junior otters this warm up will be guided by the coaching team.
  • Swimmers on other nights are expected to complete this independently.
  • The warm up should be dynamic stretches (with movement) not static stretches)
Post Pool
  • There is a big shift in the importance of post pool work, this is the optimum time to improve flexibility, remove the chance of injury.
  • Post pool work only needs to take 5minutes with developmental static stretches being conducted.
  • Specific work on legs and flexor muscles is important.
  • Shoulders are usually flexible enough and should be done after the above.
  • Tenis balls should be used on any tight shoulders
  • Foam rollers should be used on legs at home
  • Swimmers should eat a protein based meal/snack within an hour of training.


Warm Up – Open Galas
  • The coaching team at the gala will suggest a suitable warm up for the swimmers, for many galas (competing at sprint events; 50m and 100m)
  • Prior to entering the pool swimmers should complete a dynamic based warm up as mentioned above
  • Use of bands should come in before getting in the pool to ensure muscles in the shoulder are activated.
  • Completing the following as a guideline would be the norm, younger swimmers would benefit from reduced mileage
    • 4 x 200m FC Build
    • 8 x 50 FC alt X Speedplay. (Fast into Recovery swim 25base)
    • 2-300m Choice.
    • Sprint Starts.
  • It is important post warm up swimmers roll off to release muscles and prevent blood pooling
  • Swimmers should then ensure they dry off, change into their racing costume and don’t fill up on sweets.
Warm Up – Moors League
  • At a Moors league gala a reduced version of above would be suitable
    • 3 x 200m FC Build
    • 6 x 50 FC alt X Speedplay. (Fast into Recovery swim 25base)
    • 200m Choice.
    • Sprint Starts.
  • Swimmers would then benefit from rolling after warm up if space and time permits.
Post Race – With Swim Down Facility
  • Swimmers should complete a 300m choice swim cool down prior to coming to see the coach or parents, this will help remove any bi products created from the race.
  • Swimmers should dry off and get warm clothes on.
  • Swimmers should then speak to their coach at the gala
  • At this point swimmers should roll off and ensure that all major muscle groups are covered.
  • At this point is is appropriate to go and speak to parents with the coaches permission
  • A swim down must be completed prior to leaving the faciltiy especially if competing the following day
Post Race – Without Swim Down Facility
This is never ideal but we have to ensure we do our best to facilitate lack of facilities.
  • Swimmers should complete swim and head straight to the coach
  • Swimmers then should dry off and roll off
  • Static stretching at this point on tight muscles will help
  • At this point is is appropriate to go and speak to parents with the coaches permission