NASC are proud to have maintained their SwimMark (formally Swim21) accreditation since 2013. This page contains our documentation on to demonstrate our compliance and also to support other local clubs in achieving the award.

Some information is redacted or has not been published to comply with GDPR and governance at the club, in its place a template has been demonstrated.

SwimMark is a club development tool managed by Swim England and supported by the North East Region. It is a recognised quality mark throughout sport as it ensures the minim standard is achieved within clubs enabling them to be effective, ethical and sustainable.

The opportunity to gain SwimMark essential accreditation is available to all clubs, across any aquatic discipline (including Masters), regardless of size and activity delivered. SwimMark is about creating the best possible swimming experience for all and raising the quality of aquatics provision across all areas.

SwimMark essential offers national recognition that clubs are providing a quality service for all members, which is recognised by Sport England. All clubs gaining SwimMark essential accreditation will automatically receive Clubmark status. Clubmark is widely recognised by potential funders, schools and other partners that can assist with club growth and development.

Further information about SwimMark is available with the Swim England North East Region

# Item Description Swim England Template NASC Template/Submission
1 Club Development Plan detailing the clubs two year objectives with a related action plan. Please refer to template. E1 NASC Club Development Plan
2 Club annual budget (must include latest accounts, current budget and one year forecast) Information supplied for budget and forecast must include a breakdown of income and expenditure. E2 – Budget Template Used existing template
3 Club equality plan to reflect equitable practices across the club E3
4 Workforce training needs analysis (TNA). The Swim England template will be mandatory from June 2019 submissions and onwards E4 – TNA Template
5 Evidence the Swim England region has approved the club constitution E5 Used existing template

NASC Constitution

6 Club Welfare Officer statement of compliance to Wavepower 2016-19 Policies. The template is MANDATORY and must be signed (wet signature) and dated. Please refer to Wavepower guidelines – Section 2, P.40-47 for DBS and Safeguarding requirements. E6 – MANDATORY Club Welfare Officer Statement Used existing template
7 Club Chair statement of compliance to ASA (Swim England) Code of Ethics and confirmation that the club has role descriptions as appropriate. The template is MANDATORY and must be signed (wet signature) and dated. E7 – Swim England Code of Ethics Used existing template
8 Upload separate club’s code of conduct for each of the following: Club Administrators (Volunteers/Officials), Teachers/Coaches, Parents, Members (Athletes).

These must be in line with Wavepower 2020-2023 templates – please refer to Wavepower, Section 2.3, Pages 60-67). Combined codes of conduct will not be accepted.

Code of conduct for parents or guardians

Code of conduct for children

Code of conduct for coaches and teachers

Code of conduct for committee members, officials and volunteers

NASC Parents Code of Conduct

NASC Swimmers Code of Conduct

NASC Coaches/Teachers/Poolside Helpers Code of Conduct

NASC Committee/Officials/Volunteers Code of Conduct

9 Sample membership form relevant to members and volunteers, which gathers contact information including medical details, two emergency contacts, club data protection statement and declaration to abide by code of conduct E9 – Membership Form 2020 Membership Pack Complete

2020 Membership FINAL – Sheet1

10 One completed risk assessment for each of the following (if applicable):

  • One Pool activity (regular training/competition),
  • One Club trip (travel to competition/social event),
  • One Non pool based activity (land training, social event etc).

These must include the name of the person undertaking the risk assessment and date conducted.

E10 RA – Swim Training

RA – Competitions

RA – Aquathlon

RA – Running

RA – Cycling

RA – Dry side Training

11 Detail club emergency procedures for each facility used. The template is MANDATORY and must be signed (wet signature) and dated E11 – Club Emergency Procedures EAP – Swim Training

EAP – HDC Competitions

EAP – Competitions

EAP – Running

EAP – Cycling

EAP – Dry side Training

Serious Incident Management System

12 Club programme detailing club timetable, number of swimmers within each section/squad, number of lanes being used and number of teachers/coaches within each section (with level of qualification) E12
13 Personnel record of club workforce (Teachers/Coaches/Officials/Team Managers etc).

This must include: Name, Role and date commenced, Swim England Membership Number, Qualifications, DBS number + valid from date (where applicable), CPDs (Continuous Professional Development), Approved Safeguarding training (including expiry date).

Please refer to Wavepower 2016-19 guidelines – Section 2, P.40-47 for DBS and Safeguarding requirements.

Please submit all information on two documents i.e. document showing information from the Coaching & Teaching Register plus Personnel Record for remaining club personnel

E13 Cant upload for GDPR compliance
14 Safeguarding certificate and Time to Listen certificate (from ASA /Swim England) approved course list) for Club Welfare Officer. E14 – Safeguarding and Protecting Children Time to Listen Guidance April 2020 JH Cant upload for GDPR compliance
15 Proof of completion for ‘a relevant person within the club’ for the Institute of Swimming Introduction to Disability Swimming online CPD E15 – Disability Guidance Cant upload for GDPR compliance
16 Please upload the Certificate of Qualification, Safeguarding Certificate, PDP overview or Chairs’ Statement (please use template) for the Head Coach and/or Head Teacher of EACH DISCIPLINE covered by the club. E16 NASC PDP Guidelines