Thank you all for your continued support of the club. This email is important as it contains the training schedule for the immediate future – it is worth noting at this stage that it is subject to constant review and change at very short notice.


We need some more volunteers to help with training sessions and registering/monitoring COVID measures. Our SSOW guidance will be discussed in some more detail in a Zoom call or face-to-face alongside another volunteer.

If you feel able to support please email me directly

Pool based Training

We are looking so forward to welcoming you back! Attached is the training map for the immediate future – it is worth noting at this stage that it is subject to constant review and change at very short notice. We are very fortunate to recieve such large support from the centre in this return to pool venture!

  • Saturday 25th July Morning Training – Will be by invite only to allow us to ‘test the water’ and ensure that our Safe Systems of Work are effective. This morning session will be a temporary arrangement as indicated.
  • Saturday 25th July Afternoon Training onwards – will be as planned with squads being split out
    • As part of our risk assessment we have grouped swimmers on ability to ensure that we can manage the lanes
    • Training groups will be emailed out this week to confirm times, lanes and coaching arrangements
      • Senior Squad 3 is the typical ‘Lane 4’ Group, Senior Squad 2 is the typical ‘Lane 3’ group and Senior Squad 1 is the typical ‘Lane 4’ group
      • Junior Squad follows a similar layout – we are aware of a number of recent movers
      • New members who are not identified will be throughout the week, please get in touch
    • Attendance will be monitored throughout

All sessions remain subject to change. Please ensure that you check the news page and social media before setting off to training. The club may have to change arrangements at very short notice

Before members return to the pool there are a number of tasks that members are expected to complete – members will not be able to return to training unless all steps have been taken by the swimmer/parents/carers. Without the details being completed

  • PLEASE DO THIS ASAP Swimmers Health Survey –
    • Members may need questions following up by the Head Coach to ensure a safe return to the pool
  • Review the documentation as distributed by the club. A summary video is available on
    • The club guidance document is summaried in the video but contains more indepth guidance for all to follow
    • The clubs risk assessment is also briefly covered in the video but should be read also
    • Swim Englands latest guidance is also attached
    • All guidance remains subject to change and will be placed on the club website for reference in due course
  • Restart/Amend/Continue all standing orders to the club for 1st August. Please also ensure the date of all standing orders is the 1st of the month.
    • If you are unsure as to how much you should be paying please email
    • Members should return to paying their subscription prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, if you are unsure please email and one of us will get back to you ASAP
    • Members should consider paying the ‘squad fees’ listed on the clubs website to provide flexibility in their training patterns over the summer break
    • NASC will monitor attendance to all sessions and compare this against subscriptions. If you attend different days/times/hours to what is specified on your membership paperwork you will be invoiced per session at the PAYGO rate of £5 per session (a session is typically defined as an hour scheduled on the training plan)
    • University students returning to the pool can attend training at the PAYGO rate. They will have to ensure that they have an active Swim England membership.
    • Standing order dates should be set to the first of each month to ensure easier accounting for the club volunteers
  • Complete a declaration form once the paperwork has been reviewed –

We also strongly advise that all members attend a return to pool meeting on Zoom. The details will be posted on the mornings of the meetings for enhanced security, if you are unable to attend please can contact directly.

  • Wednesday – 22nd July @ 7.30pm* will be followed by the weekly club quiz
  • Thursday – 23rd July @ 6pm
  • Thursday – 23rd July @ 7.30pm
  • Friday – 24th July @ 6pm
  • Friday – 24th July @ 7.30pm

Dryside Training

As part of the plan dryside will be suspended after this weeks training:

  • Senior Squad – Monday 20th July (6pm Boys, 7pm Girls)
  • Development Squads – Wednesdday 22nd July (6pm for all) **CHANGE IN DAY**

There will be no dryside training on Friday evening or Sunday evening as we gte to grips with pool based training with the new measures. Dryside sessions will then resume next week with a new schedule to run smoothly against the poolside training regime and availability of coaching teams, I am sure you will all appreciate that this is a massive piece of work to ensure the smooth running of the club in this ‘new normal’

Dryside will be expected to resume at some point W/C 27th July and the squads affected. The dryside offer is part of the monthly training subscription. Attendance and fees will be be monitored as mentioned.



Any questions as every please get back in touch with the clubs general email address




COVID-19 Phased response – Phase 1