COVID-19 AUGUST UPDATE – Training Timetable Phase 2

Over the past few weeks we have been successful in returning to the pool. Thank you to all of those who have volunteered their time to support the club. If you feel you would be in a position to volunteer your time please have a look at the linked rota: 

The Northallerton Leisure Centre management team have been very supportive throughout the return to pool process, I am sure you will agree that things have been smooth running. We now need to support them as a club with their phased return of swimming lessons restarting W/C 17th August.

As part of the next phase of training, we will be moving onto Phase 2 of our COVID-19 Phased Response. There are some changes which will occur from Monday 17th August to Monday 31st August. Details below:

  • Swimming lessons are starting back (stages 4 and above) on W/C 17th August, this unfortunately means that Saturday morning training cannot proceed at this time. We are looking into avenues for this training time as it has proved popular with members.
  • On Monday 17th and Monday 24th…members in Senior 2/3 will have access to training on a Monday morning. This session will run from 1045 to 1145. As it is only an hour please can I request swimmers are ready for entering the pool at bang on 1045 so we can get the most out of the session?
  • From Friday 21st August Friday evening training in the pool will be extended to roughly 2115. This should provide us with an extended time in the pool, especially if we can access the pool slightly earlier.
  • Monday 31st August is a bank holiday so there will be no training on this day, as is the norm for the club on such days.
  • As part of swimming lessons returning to the pool the areas around the centre are likely to be slightly busier. Please ensure that you follow the NASC guidance at all times to ensure that we are able keep our members safe

We are in discussions with Bedale Leisure Centre regarding our skills workshops and hours ‘owed’ due to the COVID-19 shutdown. It is hoped that as part of our Phase 3 starting in September (assuming we are not in another lockdown) we will be able to utilise time during the week and on weekends to further support our members. We will update members in due course as we have more firm details available to us.

The governing body, Swim England, are due to release further guidance on training and competitions by the start of September. We hope that the guidance published will support the club taking proactive steps towards local level competition and competitive start training.

Whilst I appreciate that the changes aforementioned are not ideal, we must support the leisure centre and their return of swimming lessons. They are the key recruitment pathway for the club, and our long-term membership/financial stability. 

Kind Regards,


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