As per our previous correspondence, training is due to change slightly from next week W/C 12th October. These changes have been detailed in previous correspondance which can be viewed on our club news page:

Below is a list of FAQ from this week which will hopefully answer your questions should you have any.

If you have any questions please email the club email address Please do not email members of the coaching team directly or contact on personal social media, where possible we would like to be able to share the workload around the clubs operations during these extra-ordinary times.


How do I book sessions?

These sessions will be available to book on a weekly basis. For next week all bookable sessions are available on once you have signed into your account.

Should you be struggling to book into a session please email

This only applied to sessions with Red coloured text on the training (phase 4) document 

Please do not turn up to a session without booking where booking is marked as essential.


Which Group Am I In – Junior2, Senior Development, Senior 1?

Thank you for the emails into the club, it has taken some time since confirmation from the leisure centre to ensure that the systems are updated. On your membership page on the clubs system

The groups have been split based on existing training groups, age groups and where possible (and appropriate) sibling training times. It has not been possible to keep everyones training at the same time due to the complexities of training hours and the changes we have had to make.

The changes are not intended to be based around any squad moves (see below)


There are now more sessions available to me, which ones can I turn up to?

There are some squads which will now receive more pool time due to the existing dry side offer being suspended. There are three cases below which should be considered

  1. I currently pay a squad membership fee
    1. You can attend any session identified for your squad
    2. You can book onto any session using the booking system
  2. I currently pay less than the squad membership fee and pay for 1/2 sessions a week
    1. Swimmers should remain training on the same nights as before. If this causes significant issues please email and the coaching team will look to see where swimmers can be accommodated.
    2. Swimmers should continue to only train for the number of hours included in their monthly subscription
    3. Bookable sessions will incur the full PAYGO rate of £6 per session. This is because they are not currently included in your subscription
    4. Swimmers/Parents can consider increasing their fees to the squad fee to enable greater flexibility and bookable sessions

Squad membership fees are available on our website


When are squad moves going to happen?

Squad moves are currently being considered by members of the coaching team, this is only occurring in Junior Squad and Junior Otters.

Following a recent coaches meeting, it was discussed that some swimmers may benefit from training in different lanes/times and also potentially by training more. Over the next two weeks, 11th October – 25th October, members of the coaching team will be completing assessments on all swimmers in Junior Squad and Junior Otters.

Squad moves within Development Squad and Senior Squads will be limited for the foreseeable, this is due to the impact of COVID-19 on our squad lane lists and capacity. We have made as many changes as we can with this new schedule of work to ensure that more swimmers have access to more training


How are dryside sessions going to be communicated?

Joe Barron has done a great job in getting our online dryside offer ready for deployment. Links to dryside will be posted on the clubs website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

We are asking swimmers to complete a log book with their session details so coaches can monitor engagement. Swimmers should also log their additional activities to swimming in the log book also.


Will Thursday evening sessions become open to Development Squads?

We will monitor the uptake of training from Senior Squad over the coming weeks. The Senior squad, prior to the phase 4 training document, were down on hours – hense prioritising them for additional time with coaches being a priority.

If there is space on a Thursday evening for other groups we will communicate this out. We will assess the situation over the coming weeks. It will be a bookable session at the full PAYGO rate of £5 per session.

For next week all bookable sessions are available on  once you have signed into your account.


How much do the Bedale Sessions Cost

Thursday evening sessions are £2 for members of Senior Squad. This is subsidised due to a reduction in dryside training.

Saturday afternoon skills workshops are additional and are bookable at £10 per session.

For next week all bookable sessions are available on  once you have signed into your account.